VisuComm design and install videowalls that fulfil your specific needs. This starts with understanding those needs, the key factors relating to your business and the selection of the most appropriate technology and configuration to meet those needs. Ideally, exceeding your expectations for functionality and ease of use.
Videowalls generally provide a large image that can be viewed by several people at a distance - the "big picture" However, often they display a number of different "windows", each containing different informationpositioned and sized so that it can be observed by several people. This information may come from different sourses, some may be video and in control centres this information may compliment theinformation on each operators screen. In this context the videowall keeps you in touch with the "bigger picture"
Large videowalls can be built with one or more large screens built into a wall, each with a projector mounted behind, or by mounting together a number of projection modules. Overall videowall resolution is often secondary to physical size in these installation. When more than a single screen or module is used, the image to be enlarged is usually connected via a videowall processor - sometimes this is built into the projectors or modules. Alternatively, using a digital videowall processor such as VisuComm's Magician provides the possibility to display numerous "windows" concurrently with both PC generated information and video or cctv images.
This often requires the modular construction of a videowall, stacking projection modules together so that the summation of there individual resolution creates a mega-pixel screen with very small joints between the module screens. These mega-pixel videowalls can be built using module sizes typically from 40 to 67-inch measured conventionally as the diagonal screen size.
VisuComm offer a range of different projection modules. The selection of which module to use in building a videowall depends on a number of factors. Primary use and typical information to be displayed relative to viewing situation of users have to be considered in defining overall and module physical size, pixel size and module resolution, projection technology and maintenance access.
For the construction of large videowalls, modules can be "stacked" together with precision. VisuComm's Magician Digital Videowall Controller provides the gateway to connect all types of input images directly or via network connectivity.