VisuComm design and install boardroom & meeting room audio-visual solutions that exceed clients expectations.

For some clients this may demand just a single plasma screen or ceiling mounted projector. For others a sophisitcated mediawall with one or more rear projection screens might be required, with racked A-V equipment and room features all controlled by touchscreens.

In all instances VisuComm aims to ensure that the installed solution will suit the room and meet the clients declared needs - including reliability and most importantly, ease of use that enables anyone to use the installation with confidence.


The lectern is designed to accomodate our Magician Boardroom Controller touchscreen, (see separate datasheet on this), and provide space for an additional screen or laptop plus notes area. A pull-out keyboard shelf and mouse pad area are also provided


For smaller rooms where space is limited, VisuComm's self contained lectern and equipment cabinet offers a solution that can be installed with an appropriate display screen or projectors.

Install VCR, DVD, networked presentation PC and audio system with microphones and connection plates for use tith portable PC's with all power and cabling.

Finished to match other furniture, a visualiser cabinet also available


Meeting room furniture, lighting, curtains, decor and environmental control can all be part of our project brief.

The installation and integration of equipment including all cabling and control requirements into the room and furniture, is a task where our expertise and innovation adds value to your finished room.

VisuComm offer a range of rear projection solutions.

These inclue 50 and 67-inch rear projection modules with a range of resolutions from XGA to UXGA (1600x1200 pixels).

Projection modules are ideal for very prestigious rooms with a high corporate profile.

Also for rooms with high use


Photo courtesy of US Army in UK.

Features a 67inch Clarity rear projection screen.VisuComm refitted room with redecoration, lighting, all cabling and furniture.

A Magician Boardroom Controller with dual touchscreens, one on lectern the other at the head of the table, provides full room and A-V equiment control via a Crestron controller.

Magician processes multiple data and video inputs and interface for video conferencing

Both touchscreens provide full preview and cueing for selection from these multiple inputs, controlling switching for display on the large screen and transmission over the video link for multi-site meetings.




VisuComm offer a range of mobile Video conferencing units. Providing flexibility of use, these units can be designed with a choice of large display screen.

Cables are managed within the support frame, with a storage box for accessories mounted to the support.



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Media-Wall Presentation Furniture

A range of standard solutions are offered or bespoke designs developed to suit indivudual clients needs.

Designs to use with ceiling projectors, or inclusive of in-built plasma or large rear projection screens

Clarity Panther UXP 67-inch screen with 1600x1200 pixel resolution

60-inch Plasma Screen

Meeting Room woth Touchscreen control of A-V Inputs & Room functions